Barvolam & The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts

As part of the project Art30.2. of Barvolam, a several-day meeting with recent graduates of the Reykjavík Art School’s (Myndlistaskólinn í Reykjavík) took place in Prague. The visiting artists were accompanied by their teachers and assistants.

It was very interesting to hear about their experiences and activism. In particular, about the opportunities for neurodiverse artists to study at the Icelandic Academy of Fine Arts, which is a current topic for the education system in the Czech Republic as well.

The video was made by Lee Lynch and Margrét M. Norðdahl.

The main partner of the Art30.2. project is the Icelandic project: the List án landamæra (Art without Borders) Festival, supporting neurodiverse artists, including Myndlistaskólinn. The visit was funded by Erasmus+.