Artist Statement

Barvolam’s primary task is to make neurodivergent artists’ works visible. To that end, we look for suitable opportunities for them to exhibit and present their work in accordance with their own preferences.

It is essential for the artist and others involved in the project to develop a rapport. We emphasize working with the artists on an individual basis. We are especially concerned with finding a shared mode of expressing the artistic “voice” of the individual artist. The work can take different forms, for example animation, documentary or exhibition.

It is also an opportunity for the participants to try something new – to gain contact and inspiration through long-term dialogue with a professional artist who has more experience with the chosen medium.

In addition to the main project, we also create a professional online portfolio for each artist. It is then up to them to choose what form they want to use to present their work, or what the next step will be in order to further develop their work.

The original inspiration for the Artist Statement project happened when artists Lukáš Paleček and Alma Lily Rayner met in Lukáš’s garden. Together they recorded a series of performances entitled “Product Meditation.”

The project has been taking place since 2018. Dávid Brna is currently the primary collaborator.