Script, drawings and narration: Ladislav Svoboda
Animation: Alma Lily Rayner
Music: Antonín Koutný
English translation: Michaela Rudolfová

Ladislav Svoboda and Alma Lily Rayner cooperated on this project. The result is the short animated film “Cube” (2018). “Cube” is based on Svoboda’s semi-autobiographical sci-fi short story, providing us with insight into his personal universe, describing his inner struggle and search for inspiration.

The premiere of the film “Cube” was held at Café Lajka in Prague as part of Ladislav Svoboda’s solo exhibition The Strange Incident of the First Line of Defense. The film was also screened at various film festivals, and was a finalist at the PAF 2019 festival in Olomouc in the Other Visions section.

Barvolam also worked on Ladislav Svoboda’s exhibition Artistic Spectrum Disorder with the Artwall Gallery on Nábřeží kpt. Jaroše and at Campus Hybernská in Prague. The exhibition at ArtWall showed the creation process of a single painting on several large formats in public space.

As part of the project, Barvolam has also developed Ladislav Svoboda’s online portfolio.