Romo Washing Machine Washes Cucumbers

Lukáš Paleček’s main project for Artist Statement was the undertaking of his first solo exhibition in 2019 at the Jelení Gallery, named Romo Washing Machine Washes Cucumbers. The exhibition originated on the basis of previous intensive cooperation with Alma Lily Rayner and Eva Koťátková.

Paleček likes old appliances such as old Romo and Tatramat washing machines, Tesla radios and tape recorders. He explores them, tinkers with them, draws them, lends them his voice and sends them back, newly modified, into operation. Paleček primarily employs drawing, creating spatial interactive objects and installations to record his research and observations.

As part of the exhibition’s accompanying program,  Paleček presented a performance entitled “Kikinka Chases the White Washing Machine and the Old Washing Machine Chases Kikinka, Farting.”

As part of the project, Barvolam has also developed Lukáš Paleček’s online portfolio.