Script: Marie Kůsová & Dávid Brna
Kresba, zvukové efekty: Marie Kůsová
Illustration, Sound effects: Marie Kůsová
Animation: Dávid Brna
Music: Dwayne Laughlin

Marie (nicknamed “Majda”) Kůsová has a very specific manner of storytelling – recording everything through painting and drawing. She paints with strongly contrasting colors on pastel backgrounds, drawing simple geometric shapes into which she adds small figures, significant in meaning and present in all of her work.

Majda’s creativity is so strong that she can even express her thoughts on her tax form. The animation “Giraffes” (2019) gives us a glimpse into her fragmented memories and imagination.  Just as in her paintings, here she expresses both true and invented stories of the people in her environment, such as the art studio assistants Otto (who in reality never had a car accident) and Marie (who did in fact give birth to a child).

Throughout the animation, in addition to the music, we can hear various sounds made by Marie herself, which complement the visual aspects of the events.

The short animated film “Giraffes” is a joint project between Marie Kůsová and the artist Dávid Brna. It premiered at Café Lajka in Prague as part of the exhibition “Soul as Muse.”

As part of the project, Barvolam has also developed Marie Kůsová’s online portfolio.