Cow entropy on a play ground along with a wheel / on a train trip with grandma

Martin Vála

The solo exhibition of painter Martin Vála was held at the Tibet Open House gallery in Prague. At the opening, there was a performance by his collaborator Irina Andreeva (Teatr Novogo Fronta).

Martin Vala’s canvases are not to be missed. It is the uncertainty of what exactly one sees, or has seen, or thinks one has seen in his paintings, and whether he has really captured the important things. In large canvases laid out in several view layers, the core of the paintings is stored in the depths. Like an onion, it is encased in several protective layers that cannot easily be seen through. It is not only the viewer’s sensory perception that is involved, but also the spiritual sight that must be activated.

A video of the performance can be viewed here.