Margrét M. Norðdahl: An Inclusive Art World - A Matter of Choice

If we were to design our educational system from the very beginning, would we agree to a certain group of people not having access to formal arts education or not being able to participate in the art world?

If we had the opportunity to design our arts scene from the very beginning, would we design it so that a certain group of people would not be visible or be given equal opportunity within it?

If the answer is yes, this violates every social contract we have agreed to in modern times. It goes against ethical standards, human rights and our goals for an inclusive society!

If the answer is no, we should have rectified this situation long ago, but as we have failed to do so, then the best time to act is now. The responsibility is ours!

Margrét is an expert on including people labeled ” intellectually disabled” or “autistic” in the art world.  She is active in our Icelandic partner organization Art Without Borders (List án Landamæra). In this presentation, she summarizes the opportunities for people with disabilities in the art world and in fine arts education.