Jamming is a multifaceted activity. It’s about imagination, tolerance and a desire to create a subversive work of art together; breaking through the borders separating neurodivergent artists and those who have been “disabled” by academic education.  The project intends to prove that a number of painters can playfully share one canvas, and that those labeled “developmentally disabled” and those without such a label do not have to live in separate worlds.

This most seasoned of the Barvolam association’s activities was initiated by Mirek Kaufman and Otto Kouwen in 2014. This meeting resulted in a collective experimental work made jointly by neurodivergent and classically trained artists.

Collectively made canvas paintings were exhibited at the DOX Center for Contemporary Art (2017) and the Pragovka Gallery (2019), among other galleries.

In 2018, C.I.A.E. (Creative Inclusion in Adult Education)  selected the Jamming project in 2018 as an “example of best practice” in art education with adults with disabilities.

You can try the principles of Jamming at our public workshops. For exact dates, please check our News or Facebook page.

You can download the DOX exhibition catalog here.