Support Barvolam!

Barvolam provides a space to create for artists with an intellectual disability or on the autism spectrum,



showcases their work

and builds bridges between them and the contemporary art world.

Our inclusive art workshops bring together people from all walks of life

and encourage creativity for all ages.

We are conscious of the human rights aspects of our work and raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities.

In 2021 we launched Studio Barvolam, where we support 11 neurodivergent artists. For the first two years we were able to cover the costs thanks to a grant from the EEA Funds (Iceland Liechtenstein Norway Grants). Since this grant ended, it has been very hard to continue funding the project. The grants we receive only cover a fraction of our costs. That is why we are turning to you. With a regular monthly donation, the artists we support can continue their work and make the world a bit more beautiful. Even a one-off donation helps. Thank you to everyone who chooses to contribute!