Studio Barvolam

In early 2021, we began to operate a new professional art studio dedicated to neurodivergent artists. We strive to create a friendly, accepting and non-competitive environment.  We work primarily with painting, drawing and graphics techniques, but we enjoy and experiment with other art media.

What do we offer?

  • A shared art studio with one’s own space for creative work and a guaranteed supply of art materials
  • Assistance and consultation with art facilitators
  • An emphasis on the artists’ individuality
  • Solo and group exhibitions
  • The creation of online portfolios, videos and animations within the project Artist Statement.

Who are “art facilitators”?

We use the English term “art facilitator” because this function can neither be understood as that of a “lecturer” nor an “assistant.” We have not yet found a satisfactory Czech word for it.

How do they work?

  • Their work is guided by the principle of support for the independence of the individual
  • They do not teach, but offer possibilities and practical help
  • They respond to the needs and wishes of the neurodivergent artists they assist
  • They support a democratic environment in the studio, including critical reflections on one’s work.

We are currently developing a methodology of the art facilitators’ work based on their daily practices. At the beginning of 2023 we published a methodological manual “Inclusion in Art through Art Facilitation” on the emerging field of “art facilitation.”

Have we sparked your interest, now that you know what we do and how the program is run? Are you a neurodivergent artist and want to create with us too? You will find all of the necessary information here.