Marek Švihovec

*1980, Prague
Painter, animator

My name is Marek Švihovec. I was born in and live in Prague. I studied culinary arts at a vocational school in Prague 5. In the past I attended a school club, performed in the theater, and now I paint pictures. I also make short animated films using Legos. Since November 2021 I have been working at Studio Barvolam.

I have been painting since I was a child. I got into painting thanks to my grandfather. I paint based on my own imagination and photos. I have a large variety of subjects that I use for inspiration. I especially like to paint landscapes, but also planes and whole airports. I am very interested in the Integrated Rescue System (IRS).

I am inspired to create by thinking or just taking a walk, or looking at airports and airplanes. I think about what paints I will need and what technique I will use before I start a new painting.

I have big dreams. I’d like to write my own autobiography and travel around the USA. Every new thing is a challenge for me. I like to learn new things and move forward – that’s my motto in life.

Marek Švihovec, 2022