The Art of Inclusion


Barvolam exhibition at the Artotéka gallery.

The exhibition featured paintings by individual artists as well as the studio’s group projects. These artists bear the label “intellectual disability” or “autism spectrum disorder.” They do not have access to art education and are therefore typically excluded from the arts scene, despite the fact that international agreements guarantee their right to education and to opportunities for developing their artistic potential. The exhibition aims to show that society suffers a great loss as a result of this unequal access.

The exhibition program included a public jamming workshop.

Artists from Studio Barvolam:
Martin Bouda, Dagmar Filípková, Šárka Hojaková, Luboš Motýl, Marie Kohoutková, Marie Kůsová, Ladislav Svoboda, Marek Švihovec, Martin Vála

The following people cooperated on the Jamming project:
Lenka Černota, Dagmar Filípková, Igor Hlavinka, Hana Chmelíková, Mirek Kaufman, Hilde Irene Knutsen, Otto Kouwen, Marie Kůsová, Jiří Mach, Vladimíra Müllerová, Kateřina Novotná, Agnieszka Rodak, Ladislav Svoboda, Marie Veselá and others

Participants of the Without a Story project:
Markéta Brecherová, Dagmar Filípková, Martin Kelbl, Otto Kouwen, Marie Kůsová, Pavla Procházková, Ladislav Svoboda and others